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Watercolor Art and Charcoal Drawing

Made with a combination of Winsor & Newton watercolors, charcoal and carbon pencils.

Luna Moth's are a symbol of new beginnings. The moth is cover the figures face while it appears she's dreaming of what the future might bring her. She is starting over, uninhibited by her past.



200 lbs. Arches Cold-Press Ragged Edge Watercolor Paper

Custom Frame

If you’d like to receive your artwork ready-to-hang in a beautiful custom frame, you can add a frame to your order for an additional $150. Your art will be professionally handled and framed by Simply Framed and delivered to your door ready to display.

The art will be floated so not to hide the ragged edges of the beautiful Arches watercolor paper and the frame will be in a natural walnut finish to compliment the natural elements of this piece.

*Please allow 3 weeks for framing and delivery


Original artwork is shipped flat in a box. Due to the weight (thickness) of the paper, it doesn't roll well and is at risk for creasing. 

Your art will arrive in a plastic covering to prevent moisture from damaging it in transit. Your art also comes with a COA (certificate of authenticity) and will be hand signed both on the art and the certificate. Keep these together as it legitimizes your purchases and will retain your artworks value throughout the years. 


Signed & No. Prints

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