Oh Deer

Oh Deer


Watercolor Art & Charcoal Drawing

Made with a combination of Winsor & Newton watercolors, charcoal and carbon pencils, this winter inspired piece is the first of my 2018 portfolio. The cool blue tones are complimented by a starburst effect created by adding salt while the paints were still wet. In this piece, the effect is meant to look like frost or snow. 

The figure's head is slightly turned as if she is listening intently to a nearby sound and is alert. Her eyes are covered by delicate petals and fabric. Contrasting these light and delicate elements are antlers. The antlers represent the strength, beauty and grace often associated with wild bucks. While the figure may be vulnerable, she is also resilient.



300 lbs. Arches Cold-Press Ragged Edge Watercolor Paper



Original artwork is shipped flat in a box. Due to the weight (thickness) of the paper, it doesn't roll well and is at risk for creasing. 

Your art will arrive in a plastic covering to prevent moisture from damaging it in transit. Your art also comes with a COA (certificate of authenticity) and will be hand signed both on the art and the certificate. Keep these together as it legitimizes your purchases and will retain your artworks value throughout the years. 



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