Original art

All of my original artwork is priced at $660. I'm pricing my work as $1 / sq. - inch. My work is done on 22x30"-inch 300 lb. Arches cold press watercolor paper. I will have a price increase in 2019 to $800.

If you follow me on Instagram @shaylenereynolds and you see a piece of artwork that is currently in progress that you would like to purchase, please contact me (via Instagram DM or email). All of my artwork is available for pre-sale.

ONE SIZE (22x30"-inches).......qty. 1 $660

signed & No. Prints

I offer 3 sizes for each limited edition print. These prints are limited in number and once they are sold out for each size they will no longer be available for reprint. The price of these prints are much higher than the Open Edition prints because they are printed on artist quality paper with archival, light fast inks. They are the same high quality prints that you will find on display in galleries and museums and are an excellent way to start investing and collecting artwork.

SMALL (11x15"-inches).............qty. 100 $75

MEDIUM (16.5x22.5"-inches)...qty. 60 $150

LARGE (22x30"-inches)...........qty. 40 $300

Open Edition Prints

The open edition prints are available in 5 standard sizes with a half-inch border that makes them easy to frame. The border ensures that you can display your art without cutting off the edges of the work. I also offer each series in a bundle so that you can display the entire collection together if you wish too. Depending on the size of the series, the bundle prices will vary.

These prints are high-quality poster prints. While they aren't collectors editions and will not retain or increase in value like the original artwork and limited edition prints, I have had many comments about the superb quality of the paper and inks from my buyers. If you're looking to decorate your walls or support your favorite artists, open edition prints are a cost effect and beautiful way to do so.

MINI (8x10"-inches).................$18.00

SMALL (12x16"-inches)...........$25.00

MEDIUM (16x20"-inches).......$30.00

LARGE (18x24"-inches)..........$45.00

X-LARGE (24x36"-inches)....$50.00

BUNDLES (prices vary).........$50 - $95


All art is available for pre-sale. This includes the original, signed & no. prints and open edition prints in every size. Simply send me a DM on Instagram or email me to reserve your art and have it shipped to you the moment it's available.

I currently am not taking commissions. If you would like to inquire for a future custom piece please send me an email. Commissions start at $700. Prices vary depending on size and complexity.