Shaylene Reynolds

Alaska Native Artist


New collection coming throughout 2017.

I'll be making 10 new pieces this year as part of a new, large-scale collection. The theme for the new series is largely inspired by the Skull Mask series I did in 2015 and the Peacock Headdress I made in 2016. I love to draw portraits that show expression and have a sense of moodiness to them. I also love the duplicity of femininity coupled with darker or harsher objects. Follow my process on Instagram, and stay tuned for new pieces every month starting in February, 2017.

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In Progress

My next piece in this series is under way! To keep up with my progress follow me on Instagram @shaylenereynolds or Facebook

This is the second piece in my 10 piece series this year (2017). This series will focus on female portraiture with wildlife or wilderness elements. Each piece is made in watercolor and charcoal, which are my two favorite mediums to work with. I'm so thrilled that I'm able to incorporate all of my favorite elements and mediums into my art.

I'm also excited about sharing this series and I hope to host an art show in Dallas at the end of it. It's a lofty goal for now, but I'm doing my best to plan and fund it. If you'd like to contribute to the show, you can make monthly pledges on Patreon and as a 'thank you' I'll mail out prints to you each month.

The original piece and fine art prints will be available here on my website, as well as poster prints on Etsy and other cool products on Society6. I hope to see you guys on Instagram!    

Follow me on Instagram @shaylenereynolds